Episode Recap: Supernatural - 6.03: "The Third Man"

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A policeman, Hatch ( Todd Mann) cuts himself and his skin falls off, only his blood and entrails are left behind. Ooh Dean (Jensen Ackles) get a shirt! Dean is dreaming, Sam (Jared Padalecki) is exercising and Dean's on the road. So we see him naked too! Sam's been with a pro, (Julia Voth) which he wouldn't really do if he was the 'old' Sam. He pays her and where was Dean's tattoo as Sam still has his? Sam throws her card away - well he can hook up with anyone and he does that as routine now. Sam is in Pennsylvania and Dean tells him it's been one and a half days, since they were just on a case, Sam likes to work. Dean: "Who died and made you boss?" That's a loaded question for this show considering the number of deaths of lead characters and others. So don't answer that Sam.
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