Introducing the Rainbow Pants Wearing Wonder: Shinya Aoki

On Saturday night U.S. fans will be introduced to Dream lightweight champion and arguably #1 ranked lightweight (thanks Doug Crosby!) Shinya Aoki.

Looking at Shinya you'd think he'd be more at home spending hours sitting in front of a computer playing Starcraft rather than fighting for a living. Don't be fooled by Aoki's small stature, skinny frame, wiry strength, dorkish silhouette or pseudo-homoerotic pictures on Google Images. Aoki is an absolute wizard on the ground who will break your arm if you don't tap out.

Don't believe me? Just watch Aoki snap Mizuto Hirota's arm only to pop his opponent the bird in triumph. Or watch Shinya take Kuniyoshi Hironaka's arm home as a souvenir of a Jiu-Jitsu schooling. 

For a fighter who is so celebrated and highly touted, how is it possible that the bookmakers have Aoki as a slight underdog? It's simple -- pants, or I should say the lack of pants.
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