Episode Recap: Desperate Housewives - 8.05: "The Art of Making Art"

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Mary Alice: "In their twenty years together Tom and Lynette Scavo followed a few simple rules...always share the housework...and never go to bed angry. The rules for being together were simple, the rules for for being apart were anything but." Lynette (Felicity Huffman) doesn't want Tom (Doug Savant) having dinner with Jane. He's been taking her out to lobster places for dinner, she still gets the credit card bills. Tom claims Jane lives in his building and so he was being nice. They're just friends. The counsellor asks if they want to get back together or are looking for a graceful way out of their marriage. Tom was hoping to work things out and they haven't been happy with each other for a while. Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) "Tom and Lynette were learning the rules of separation and the first rule, there are no rules." Mary Alice
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