Friday Noir: Mitchum and Domergue are on a highway to hell in ‘Where Danger Lives’

Where Danger Lives

Directed by John Farrow

Screenplay by Charles Bennett

U.S.A., 1950

Infatuation is a funny thing. On the spur of the moment, its symptoms exude nothing less than immeasurable positivity. One’s attraction to particular individual feels good, feels right, feels like it must be satisfied. Despite however powerful its hold may be, everyone arrives at the conclusion that infatuation and love are not one and the same. Love is lasting, whereas infatuation, even if it holds the possibility of evolving into something deeper, is a short term effect. That does not prevent people from acting out on it, convinced that it is in fact love guiding them. In some cases, regret is all that follows. Robert Mitchum is unfortunate enough to experience that first hand in the 1950 film, Where Danger Lives.

San Franciscan doctor Jeff Cameron (Robert Mitchum) has been working some long, long hours. Just
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