The Lackey Brings Pugilism and Violence to North America: A Preview

Acquisition company Wonderphil Productions has recently taken on Shaun Piccinino's The Lackey for possible distribution in North America. This is a crime thriller set in a working class wasteland where the fist rules. Action thrillers do not get much attention here on 28Dla, but this one lightened up one film fan's day. Hopefully, this title brightens some living rooms with a release date sure to be secured soon. For now, enjoy the brutal teaser trailer for The Lackey; more details to come.

Completion date: March 1, 2012.

Director: Shaun Piccinino.

Co-Director: Jason Sanders

Producers: Rickey Bird and Vernon Wells.

Cast: Shaun Piccinino, Rickey Bird, Orlando McGuire, Vernon Wells, David Pires, Guy A. Grundy,

Jeremy Dunn, Sonny Sison, and Dt Carney.

A teaser trailer for The Lackey is here:


The Lackey at Wonderphil

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