Deadheads Versus Black Hats: A Movie Review

Directors/writers: Bret Pierce and Drew T. Pierce.

Deadheads is a zomedy in the vein of Shaun of the Dead, Aaah! Zombies!!, and A Little Bit Zombie. The film here is most remiscent of Shaun of the Dead in which two friends try to deal with the zombie apocalypse to moderate results. However in this film Mike (Michael McKiddy) and Brent (Ross Kidder) are not of the living. Instead, they are zombies released from a military lab'. The next 90 minutes is then a road trip styled film as the characters are pursued by the scientists. Deadheads blends genres along the way including: comedy, action and romance. Pandering to so many genres seems to weaken all of them, but overall this is a fun film for zombie movie fans.

Mike and Brent meet up with Cliff (Harry Burkey) after their escape. Cliff is burying the renowned prostitute Pei-Pei's ashes in Lake Michigan.
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