Justified, Ep. 3.13: “Slaughterhouse” ends a strong season in rollicking, macabre fashion

Justified, Season 3, Episode 13: “Slaughterhouse”

Written by Fred Golan

Directed by Dean Perisol

Airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX

“That’s cute.”

Among the many virtues of Justified is its sense of dramatic, and even comedic irony. Throughout the third season, there have been countless references to Robert Quarles and his nifty arm-gun. We’ve seen him use it a few times. We’ve seen him clean the apparatus, and mention that if it jams, he’s toast. (Twice.) After a dozen episodes’ worth of foreshadowing…the above line is Raylan Givens’s reaction to Quarles’s prized weapon. No jamming, no attempt at a quick-draw challenge, just: “That’s cute.” And thank Christ.

“Slaughterhouse” both lives up to and slightly defies expectation. It’s not quite the bloodbath one might expect given the title and the sheer number of players we’ve been looking at this season, but it
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