Alec Baldwin's 10 Hottest Moments

Like a naughty little TV star, Alec Baldwin's been teasing the end of 30 Rock, which is likely to end after season 7. I don't know about you, but 30 Rock is my personal choice for the greatest sitcom ever. Yes, I've seen I Love Lucy. And Seinfeld. And All in the Family. And The Mary Tyler Moore Show. And Webster. But 30 Rock packs more jokes, love, and finesse into its 30 minutes than any other series. I'll miss it so, so much.

And that's what leads me to today's topic: the eternal hotness of Alec Baldwin. As Jack Donaghy, he's self-assured and hilarious, but he's found a few others way to be hot in his 25-year career. Nudity is one of my favorite options.

So here they are, my choices for Alec Baldwin's 10 hottest moments. Liz Lemon, look out.

10. Look out, Kevin Bacon: Your best friend wants yo' lady

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