'Anger Management's' Charlie Sheen and 'Awake's' Jason Isaacs alike, says co-star Daniela Bobadilla

For an actress who only recently turned 19, Daniela Bobadilla has been working with some very high-profile actors. She's currently appearing as Emma, the girlfriend of Detective Michael Britten's (Jason Isaacs) son, Rex (Dylan Minnette), on NBC's Thursday drama "Awake."

Then this June 28, she appears in the FX comedy "Anger Management" as the obsessive-compulsive daughter of Charlie (Charlie Sheen), a former minor-league baseball player with anger issues who goes back to school to become a therapist.

"They're both really giving," she says of Isaacs and Sheen. "They're both very selfless in the way they work. It's all about the other person, which, in turn, makes the other person better as well.

"But they're both extremely giving. They're both very present. They're both always there, and they're both incredibly professional, always on time, always ready and always wanting to have a good time. They're not like, 'Don't talk to me, I'm in my scene,
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