'Royal Pains': Where was Henry Winkler pre-Eddie Lawson?

Henry Winkler joins the cast of USA's "Royal Pains" on Thursday (June 10) in the recurring role of Hank (Mark Feurstein) and Evan's (Paulo Costanzo) scam artist dad, Eddie Lawson.

We're definitely excited to see Henry "the Fonz" Winkler in USA's hit show -- and we're not the only ones. TV son Mark Feurstein recently told Zap2it's Korbi TV, "I love having the Fonz as my dad.... I worshipped the Fonz growing up."

Even after over a quarter century has passed since Winkler played the role of Arthur Fonzarelli, many (like his "Royal Pains" co-star) still know him as "the Fonz." Perhaps that's because most folks don't know what exactly he's been up to since his iconic role on "Happy Days." So ... we thought we'd take a closer look into Winkler's post-"Happy Days" (1974 - 1984), pre-"Royal Pains" (2010) days to answer the burning question: where in the world was Winkler for the past 26 years?
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