'New York Times' bans 'tuchus', 'tweet'

The New York Times has reportedly refused to print the word 'tuchus', which is Yiddish for bottom. Writing in The Atlantic, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg revealed that the newspaper asked him to use a different word when they quoted him for a piece about the Middle East. Goldberg said: "I've been taking a fair amount of both 'ribbing' and 'joshing' from friends who objected to the use of the word 'tush' in a quotation I gave to The New York Times' Helene Cooper. "I actually used the word 'tuchus', rather than 'tush', but she phoned back a couple of hours later to tell me that the newspaper's Special Committee for the Proper Deployment of Yiddishisms ruled that 'tuchus' is insufficiently elegant, and so could I please offer a substitute." He added: "I asked Helene (more)
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