It Came From 1980 X: 2 Films, 1 Cassette, $49.95?

Welcome to another installment of It Came From 1980X where I tackle the 80′s like a running clothes line fresh off the turnbuckle. Tonight we have a double feature for you straight from Continental Video. Don’t know Contintental Video? I’m not surprised, but I assure you by the end of this whole thing you most certainly will know them, fear them and maybe enjoy them a bit better. They’ve put out so much of what you love, but I don’t think they were marketed nearly as well as Midnight, Wizard, Canon or Media. For Christ’s sake somebody get me a T-shirt of this beautiful company. The double feature in question comes courtesy of Vhsps as is often the case. The Slayer and Scalps were released as a part of a special promotion as is stated on the cover of the VHS (or in this case handsome DVD rip).

2 Films.
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