Homosexuals Are Still Under Siege in Uganda

Demonstrators protest outside the Ugandan embassy, in central London, on December 10, 2009. By Shaun Curry/Afp/Getty Images. The slight man in front of me with delicate features and dressed in a cream-colored linen shirt hardly seems like the man Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni knows not to arrest. But gay activist Frank Mugisha is a respected enemy of the state. Because he’s a public figure, the police can’t simply hold him; instead, they must follow the letter of the law, which only allows for the arrest of gays caught in sexual acts. His partner hides Mugisha’s identity from his well-to-do parents. He, perhaps unwisely, travels without bodyguards. And, perhaps luckily, more Ugandans know his name than his face. In a country where a majority of residents supported a bill that would have punished homosexuals with life in prison—or with the death penalty if they were H.I.
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