Blu-ray Review: Django, Kill (...If You Live Shoot!) Is One Hell Of A Bloody Good Time!

The Spaghetti Western craze of the 1960's produced hundreds of films, the vast majority of which I haven't seen. However, even among those in the know, Giulio Questi's Django Kill (...If You Live Shoot!, ...Se Sei Vivo Spara!) is among the craziest, most violent, and balls out insane of the bunch. This film shares nothing with Sergio Corbucci's Django, apart from a distributor applied moniker, and manages to out crazy that film at every turn. If you've never seen Django, Kill, you owe yourself the pleasure, and Blue Underground's Blu-ray (out July 3rd), is the best way to do it!The Stranger (Tomas Milian) is killed after having been double crossed for stolen gold, but he won't be gone for long. Where there's gold, there...
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