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James May's 20th Century

Kieran Kinsella

Fans of BBC America’s Top Gear will enjoy Athena’s July 17th release of James May’s 20th Century. The 300 minute DVD box set includes all six episodes of the popular TV host’s show about the most memorable inventions of the last century. Unlike his Top Gear co-hosts, May is a universally liked fellow who can talk about powerful engines, fast cars and aerodynamics without offending anyone or causing viewers to fall asleep.

In this set of episodes, May gets to test drive everything from a lunar buggy to fighter planes. He looks a little like a washed up hippie but he has a childlike enthusiasm for the subject. His energy and exuberance make the show hard to resist. The really great thing about this gadget-centric show is that May recounts the technological developments of the last century in a way that
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