Killer By Nature and Insane Research Methods: A Movie Review

Killer by Nature Poster

*There is the potential for spoilers in this review.

Director/writer: Douglas S. Younglove.

Killer by Nature is a drama from writer and director Douglas S. Younglove. Younglove is a relative newcomer to filmmaking; however, he has found support through Bleiberg Entertainment. Bleiberg is currently looking to sell this title domestically and internationally for a hopeful 2010 release. The film stars well known actors including Ron Perlman (Enemy at the Gates), Armand Assante (The Bleeding) and horror icon Lin Shaye (2001 Maniacs). Younglove's latest takes on the already resolved nature vs. nurture battle in the Psychology world and the film asks the question: are behaviours, feelings, thoughts pre-destined? Here is one vote for self-determination and the director seems to echo this thought in a climactic, character revealing finale, which will leave viewers questioning their own views on the topic.

Killer by Nature begins with central character Owen (Zachary Sherman
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