The End Of Summer Review II

The End Of Summer Review: Part I The narrative in The End of Summer is simple: the widowed but impish patriarch Manbei (Ganjiro Nakamura) of the Kohayagawa clan, which runs a small but failing Osaka-based sake company, has taken to seeing an old mistress, Tsune Sasaki (Chieko Naniwa), in Kyoto. Sasaki claims her venal daughter Yuriko (Reiko Dan) was sired by him. The ‘daughter’ has no real interest in Manbei, save for what he can provide for her financially. She also dates American men, which leads to a funny moment between the old man and his lover, who tells him that their daughter ‘sometimes she brings home strange things.’ Manbei has three daughters of his own: two of them, Akiko (Hara) and Noriko (Yôko Tsukasa), are being wooed for marriage. Akiko’s suitor is a business friend, Isomura (Hisaya Morishige), a widowed steel mill owner, while Noriko’s is never seen onscreen.
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