Exclusive: Stuart Hazeldine Talks Exam, Paradise Lost, and Tripods

In cinema it is oftentimes the simplest of concepts that yields the most rewarding results. While the splashy - and usually braindead - antics of filmmakers such as Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer may garner a lion’s share of the media’s admittedly short attention span, there are dozens of other more quiet and intelligent films that are also deserving of our collective interest.

Case in point: Exam (review here) (available on Video on Demand from IFC starting July 23rd, 2010). Directed by veteran screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine and budgeted at approximately six hundred thousand dollars, this “job interview from Hell” story offers the discerning and patient viewer a compelling platform from which it addresses a myriad of issues - ambition, drive, morality, ethics, and the lengths that some people will go to get ahead - as well as an eye-catching and inventive storytelling paradigm.

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