[Review] [Rec] 3: Genesis

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When zombies first shuffled onto the screen in George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, it was left unclear just how the dead came to rise again. Many theories were tossed about in that film and its sequels, among them a passing comet, biological weapons, and the coming of the apocalypse, but nothing ever really stuck. Within the past decade or so, faster, deadlier, more evolved brain eaters entered the pop culture spectrum, most notably in the Dawn of the Dead remake. However, as horror fans heralded a new breed of zombie, filmmakers were quick to distance their creations from Romero’s ghouls – Danny Boyle emerged as the biggest protester, insisting that the monsters in his film 28 Days Later were not zombies, but “infected.”

But what determines a zombie? Do their origins, speed, and motivations for killing really matter in the already vague scheme of things? Or do we
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