The Admiral: DVD review

Director: Izuru Narushima. Review: Adam Wing. After witnessing Michael Bay’s bombastic retelling of the attack on Pearl Harbour, it’s refreshing to watch events unfold from a Japanese perspective. The Japanese Navy was opposed to siding with Germany but Yamamoto had hoped that the attack on Pearl Harbour would allow them to sue for peace, as they had with Russia some time before. An early end to the war was Yamamoto’s aim, and he demanded that a warning be sent to America before the infamous attack. “When Japanese samurai strike an enemy at night, at least they kick the pillow to awaken him first. If we attack before a final warning is delivered, the Japanese Navy’s name will be ruined.” As we were soon to discover, that warning arrived too late, and the inevitability of war swooped down from the skies above. Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku is known
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