DVD Review: Local Flavor Enhances Suspenseful ‘Munger Road’

Chicago – Local writer/director Nicholas Smith, who set and shot his lauded indie horror flick “Munger Road” in St. Charles, Illinois, has some undeniable talent. I think his debut gets a little lost in the final act but there is a lot to like about this little movie for even those with no connection to its Chicago roots. You’re going to be deluged with options this Halloween season for your horror-loving time. Take a trip to “Munger Road.”

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Munger Road” has a little bit of everything. The great Dann Gire is quoted on the back of the case comparing the film to “Blair Witch Project,” “Halloween” and “Psycho” and Smith compares it to “Jaws” in one of the mini-featurettes included on the DVD. A film with such varied influences often falls victim to cluttered ideas and a lack of tonal consistency. And so it’s remarkable how deftly
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