Causes of Child Deaths Hiding in Plain Sight

New Save the Children and Unicef Reports reveal how financial mismanagement and environmental insensitivity led to the deaths of four million children.

Had the international community been more careful about seemingly unrelated topics as financial planning and climate change, four million dead children would be alive today, according to new simultaneously released reports from Save the Children and Unicef. Public health insiders know that everything--from policy to architecture to urban planning to education and employment--affects your health, but the new reports declare it outright.

A Professor by the name of Geoffrey Rose, a pioneer in the study of the social determinants of health, is the one who, in the 1950s, pulled all the sociological and medical facts together to reveal that "upstream" factors greatly impact "downstream" health factors--upstream being policy decisions, media content, educational planning, and transportation design and downstream being individual and population health consequences. Poor urban planning leads
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