10 Christmas TV shows to circle in the Radio Times

Odd List Louisa Mellor Dec 20, 2012

We’ve put a spotlight on some of the UK Christmas telly specials you won’t want to miss this festive season…

You know that pub conversation we’ve all had, the one about what you’d show an alien race on the brink of wiping out planet Earth to convince them we are essentially a well-meaning, productive, and often beautiful species that deserves to live? No contest: a Christmas issue of the Radio Times.

In 1969, an astronaut walked on the moon and someone thought up the Christmas Radio Times, both of them landmarks of brilliant stuff achieved by humans. They must have been thinner then - not astronauts, copies of the Radio Times - back when there were fewer TV channels than there are now Shrek films.

Between the covers of that hefty double edition sits the industry and imagination of generations. It
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