How the Holiday’s Gave the Gift of Boba Fett

“Why do I always think gettin’ you home for Life Day is gonna be easy?”

So says a languid Han Solo to an excitable Chewbacca in the legendarily awful 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. Perhaps the most infamous Television Christmas Special ever made, The Star Wars Holiday Special is a mythic assault on fanboy watchability. There are shows that are so good they’re bad, the kind of outing where laughable moments and poor production add an air of ironic, even classic credibility. Then there’s The Star Wars Holiday Special. So bad its good just doesn’t apply here. This two-hour spinoff is utterly unwatchable save for a brief section of animation wedged between the overcooked buns of this whopper of a fail.

While the idea of a Star Wars Christmas special may have sounded good on paper, this Lucasfilm misstep left a blemish on Star Wars even greater than Jar Jar.
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