Bunheads Review: Two Tickets to Paradise

  • TVfanatic
Despite it being January, the bunheads returned to school after summer break in "Channing Tatum Is a Fine Actor," a line that was uttered by none other than Carl. I didn't see that one coming! Michelle is happily ensconced in Paradise again and things are back to normal.

Did I say normal? If there's one thing you can count on, things are never normal in Paradise. How abnormal things got is just a matter of scale.

After spending the summer at camp, Carl returned prepared to reignite the romantic fire with Boo. She was equally as excited, until she remembered they had promised to meet each others' parents. Apparently that's just not her thing. Instead of having faith in how much Carl likes her (he carved her an archery set at camp for goodness sakes!), she went to Michelle for advice. Oops!

Michelle's advice was to be exactly what his parents expected.
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