Last Resort Review: The Nature of Mutiny

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All Hell broke loose during the penultimate episode of Last Resort, as almost everyone ended up threatened with "The Pointy End of the Spear."

Overall, this was a thrilling episode with a heart-pounding set up for next week's finale... but I have one request: Can we ditch Kylie's love life? It's boring and unnecessary. I like Kylie so much more in the scenes where she's not with her boyfriend.

Although I suppose I shouldn't complain too vehemently.  She did utter one of the best Last Resort quotes of the night after bedding said boyfriend:

 I've been having sex in a random hotel room all night because the thought of sharing a Wiki page with John Wilkes Booth, that really does it for me. | permalink

As plans for the coup d'etat moved forward in D.C., things on the island were disintegrating fast. Marcus' own crew was blowing up the Chinese
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