Review of "My Normal"

The very definition of an "offbeat" comedy, My Normal stars Nicole Laliberte as Natalie, a down-to earth lesbian dominatrix who dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Light, quirky, and very playful, it's probably the only film about Bdsm that you could comfortably take your mother to see.

Natalie is immediately likable. The early scenes establish her as a master of her kinky profession, while still remaining a likable, friendly, girl-next-door kind of lady. She and three of her closest friends do "sessions" where they dominate their willing, paying, male clientele. Together and individually (depending on the client's preference), they ply the trade of Bdsm, then hang out and go for drinks afterward.

Natalie is a lesbian, a fact that is casually broached early on in the film, but it has no bearing on her profession. She and her partners in domination, Sonia (Maine Anders), and Melanie (Naama Kates), see themselves as "alternative therapists,
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