Rewind TV – Dancing on the Edge; Spiral; When Albums Ruled the World – review

Stephen Poliakoff's new 1930s drama was, though pleasing to the eye, typically perplexing

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Stephen Poliakoff's reputed brilliance is so often prefaced by the words "maddening" or "frustrating" that I wonder whether the words that spring to my own mind when I think of his dramas – ie "bloody awful" (I'm thinking of the laughable The Tribe or the implausible Shooting the Past or even his voyeuristic incest melodrama Close My Eyes, the latter two garlanded with industry awards) – are too far off the mark. The BBC loves him, of course (seeing him as a maverick in the mould of Dennis Potter), and I loved him once myself, for his flawless Caught on a Train, with Peggy Ashcroft and Michael Kitchen, but that was in 1980. He's had his moments
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