The Big Lie Jennifer Garner Told Her Kids

The Big Lie Jennifer Garner Told Her Kids
New York -- Jennifer Garner tries not to look at reviews of the outfits she wears because, inevitably, someone isn't going to like it.

"It's not good for my self-esteem," she said Wednesday while in New York to open the Neutrogena Sun Summit.

The exception was after the Oscars last month. Garner's violet-colored, custom-made Gucci gown was a winner – but that wasn't what she was looking for after husband Ben Affleck's film "Argo" won best picture. "I reveled in all those good pictures of him," she said.

Garner, a Neutrogena spokeswoman, practices what she preaches when it comes to sun safety. Her children make sure of it.

In her household, sunscreen is like seat belts: non-negotiable. Garner said while she was away Wednesday, the kids surely would remind their dad if he dropped them at school without their daily slathering.

"I think I once told my kids it was
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