Ian McShane: rogue trader

From Lovejoy to Deadwood, Ian McShane has made a career out of playing rogues. He tells us about his drink- and drug-fuelled past, and how he's given it all up to make blockbusters for his grandchildren

On a breezy spring afternoon in Santa Monica, Ian McShane and I are hauling furniture around a hotel room. The suite has been used recently for a photo shoot, and McShane has decided he wants everything back the way it was. I pull one of the sofas towards the fireplace, dragging the rug with it. He manoeuvres the other with surprising ease: he's a small but compact man, around 5ft 7in, sinewy, with a light mahogany tan; and although there is some grey amid the glossy black curls, it's very easy to forget that he is 70. "Seventy years old!" he rages in his distinctive Lancastrian burr, like syrup on sandpaper. "How did that happen?
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