Broad Abroad: The True Story Of Katherine Chloe Cahoon

Every so often, something completely cringeworthy and unabashedly awesome will flash across your computer monitor and you’ll think to yourself, “This can’t be real, can it?” After all, we’re living smack dab in the middle of the Viral Age (patent pending!), an era where greedy corporate hucksters will do anything and everything to convince the public at large that what they’re watching is real and not manufactured (see: those jerks in Atomic Tom). Well, dear readers, as best we can tell, Katherine Chloe Cahoon is totally, completely, 110% For Realzies. Cahoon is the author of The Single Girl’s Guide to Meeting European Men, which is the hottest selling how-to book since How To Pick Up Trashy Women. Just like any author worth their advance these days, she’s been hitting the YouTubes in an attempt to drum up some viral buzz for her book. Well, mission accomplished,
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