India To Make Costa Concordia Movie

An Indian film loosely based on last year's Costa Concordia shipwreck is to start shooting this year in the same region of Italy where the disaster happened, the Toscana Film Commission said on Friday.

Shooting of the Tamil-language film was due to start next month but will have to be delayed because local sensitivities on the island of Giglio where the wreck still lies mean it will have to be filmed on a different island.

The luxury liner crashed into the tiny island in January last year with 4,229 people from dozens of countries on board in a tragedy that claimed 32 lives and triggered international concern over cruise ship safety.

"The community on the island is understandably very sensitive. We are trying to find another island in the archipelago where they can shoot," said Raffaella Conti from the commission, which helps producers shoot films in Tuscany.

The film will be made
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