Does Vicious mark the end of gay TV characters being invisible?

New sitcom Vicious features a camp gay couple as leads. It may feel like a throwback, but it shows how far TV has come, from John Inman's flouncing character in Are You Being Served? and presenters using 'gay' as an insult

"Ground floor: perfumery, stationery, leather goods, wigs and haberdashery …" The one reason a gay man growing up in the 1970s remembers that mouthful is that it was the curtain-raiser to the only regular TV appearance of a male homosexual – the flouncing Mr Humphries in Are You Being Served?

John Inman, who played Humphries, insisted at the time that he wasn't gay. It was a triumph for method acting, then. But Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft's creation highlighted almost every historic prejudice about homosexual men – Humphries was predatory, vain and lived with his mother.

Forty years on, ITV1 has served up Vicious. We're invited to conclude that the world has changed.
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