Just Good Friends – box set review

Vince and Penny's on again/off again relationship is that rare thing – an 80s sitcom that hasn't aged badly

Sitcoms can age badly, perhaps worse than any other type of TV show. What had millions of viewers laughing like drains in the 70s and 80s is often met with stoney-faced silence these days, the hairstyles and clothes generating more laughs than the actual gags. John Sullivan's 1983 hit sitcom Just Good Friends bucks this trend; it even seems quite modern today. It doesn't go hard after laughs, the pace is deliberate rather than desperate, the sit is given just as much importance as the com. Plus, in leads Jan Francis and Paul Nicholas, it has something age cannot wither: chemistry.

The set-up is simple: charming Jack-the-lad turf accountant wanders back into the life of advertising secretary Penny Warrender, having jilted her at the altar five years previously. There's still some spark between them.
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