The Office Recap: Second to Last Dance

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The Office Recap: Second to Last Dance
A friend of mine once told me that writing about The Office after Steve Carell left was like writing about R.E.M. after drummer Bill Berry left. There was no denying that the glory years were over, and plenty of people felt that both entities should have ended then and there. But neither did. Put lightly, there were ups and downs with R.E.M's post-Berry run and the post-Carell years. Both were artistic entities missing an essential piece (Berry was an important part of the band's writing and editing process), and both struggled to reinvent themselves. But both eventually proved that they still had things left to show us, and still deserved to exist. (I'll rein this analogy in before we get too off course, but I will throw down for Up any day of the week.) In many ways, this penultimate episode of The Office felt like the real cap
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