The top 10 Rick Moranis movies

He’s not acted in a film for a long time, but we still can’t help celebrating the majesty of Mr Rick Moranis. And here, for your deliberation, are his ten finest movies…

Given that he went into retirement from acting back over a decade ago now, for personal reasons, it's perhaps not too surprising that Rick Moranis' back catalogue of movies isn't as bountiful as many of his contemporaries. Yet, Moranis certainly knew how to make a comedy mark (although, as we'll discover, there's more to the man than that). And while the 10 films we're going to talk about here are of mixed quality, the common feature is that Moranis delivers a performance that tends to stand out.

I should note from the outset, incidentally, that we're not going anywhere near the risible movie of The Flintstones here. But that's just common sense for all concerned.

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