Doctor Who complete reviews: Destiny Of The Daleks

After the 26-episode story arc of The Key To Time, things get free and easy for season 17, a season that’s paradoxically had something of a turbulent press.

On the production front alone, six stories are whittled down to five, as the dreaded strike action kicks in for the season finale. Behind the scenes, the main man Tom Baker is starting to rule the roost, allegedly booming at Graham Williams, who himself is plagued by last-minute script rewrites, cost problems and directors going Awol.

No wonder the behind-the-scenes friction shows in some of the final results. Season 17 has not had the best press from fans, who have taken brickbats to some of the stories for being too lightweight and flippant or shoddily made. However, the dust has settled, as fans have recently started to reappraise the season. Looking at the stories again, the season contains a frustrating mix of genius and ineptitude.
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