Rilling's Classic Oratorio Recordings Reissued

Christine Schäfer/Michael Schade/Andreas Schmidt/Gachinger Kantorei Stuttgart/Bach-Collegium Stuttgart/Helmuth Rilling Haydn: Die Schöpfung (The Creation)   Juliane Banse/Ingeborg Danz/Michael Schade/Andreas Schmidt/Gachinger Kantorei Stuttgart/Prague Chamber Choir/Czech Philharmonic Orchestra/Helmuth Rilling Mendelssohn: Paulus (St. Paul Oratorio)   Christine Schäfer/Cornelia Kallisch/Michael Schade/Wolfgang Schöne/Gachinger Kantorei Stuttgart/Bach-Collegium Stuttgart/Helmuth Rilling Mendelssohn: Elias (Elijah)

(all on Hänssler Classic)

These two-disc sets, reissued from now-classic mid-'90s recordings led by legendary choral conductor Helmuth Rilling, boast similar virtues. Primarily, Rilling -- who celebrated his 80th birthday at the end of May -- understands as well as any conductor alive that the key to an oratorio performance that will stand up to repeated straight-through listening is to keep things moving. This might seem obvious when dealing with works clocking in upwards of two hours, yet the recording catalogs are littered with renditions that drag because their
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