Underbelly: The squiz on Squizzy

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Actor Jarad Daperis as Squizzy Taylor..

Despite being the star of Channel Nine.s latest instalment in the Underbelly franchise, Jarad Daperis admits to having never watched any of the previous series.

.I never really got around to it. I know enough of Underbelly and I know what it.s like, I didn.t really deem it relevant to watch prior series, because they.re so different. Totally different stories,. the Underbelly: Squizzy actor told If..

The sixth and rumoured final Underbelly series follows the story of Melbourne-born gangster Leslie .Squizzy. Taylor, a character producer Peter Gawler describes as .a bit of an artful dodger type...

.As a kid he made a bit of money picking pockets and then he graduated to thieving of other types, and then he graduated to major robberies,. Grawler tells If. .The thing about Squizzy that set him apart is that he had an imagination.
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