A Belfast Story Review

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A crime thriller set in Northern Ireland, with Colm Meaney's police detective investigating a series of murders of ex-ira members, A Belfast Story first came to many peoples attention with a press kit used to promote the film, a wooden box containing a balaclava, a pack of nails, and a roll of duct tape. Considering the films subject matter, it was quickly, and rightly, deemed tasteless, with writer/director Nathan Fox, making his debut here, even apologising for it. But this piece of controversy did its job, it got the film noticed, because considering how woeful the final product is, it wouldn't have stood up on it's own non existent merits. I have got to admit, A Belfast Story starts out well enough. Meaney plays a world weary detective , close to retirement, called into handle a case that his superiors feel will lead to public out cry if left for too long.
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