DVD Review: 'Cff: Scary Stories' (BFI rerelease)

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★★★☆☆ Ahead of Halloween, this week the BFI rerelease three spooky stories for children from legendary British production company The Children's Film Foundation. The Man from Nowhere (1976) is a Victorian age tale focusing on orphan Alice (Sarah Hollis-Andrews) who, sent to live with her uncle George (Ronald Adam), encounters a mysterious man (Edmund Thomas) intent on frightening her away from their country mansion. Haunters of the Deep (1984), meanwhile, takes place in contemporary Cornwall where Becky (Amy Taylor) and Josh (Gary Simmons) - with the aid of a ghost - help to rescue a group of miners.

Out of the Darkness (1985), another modern yarn, involves a group of kids caught up in the past, when events from the era of the Black Death repeat themselves in a remote Derbyshire village. These Scary Stories from the Cff formed so much a part of the childhood of anyone growing up in Britain during the late fifties until the eighties,
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