War, Ransom and Death in Alberto Sciamma's Black Plague

Tagline: "Vengeance Knows No Mercy." Lightning Entertainment has developed a horrifying period piece titled Black Plague. This title is set in the 14th Century, during the bubonic plague. But, a murder mystery and Satanic elements enter the film's story. Black Plague stars Lena Heady (Dredd), Jason Flemyng (Snatch) and David La Haye. The film has been shot by director Alberto Sciamma. Now, a couple of promotional pieces have been released for the film. A film poster is now available for the film. The graphic shows the character Matilda (Heady), a wealthy noble. In the film, Matilda loses her husband in the 100 Years War and her son, Nicholas, is tasked with returning him to English lands. As well, an early trailer has been released by Lightning Entertainment. The reel shows more of the settings, costumes and characters. Film fans who enjoy history or fictional takes on the medieval period can take
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