15 Most '90s-tastic '90s Movie Moments

Remember the '90s? Sure you do. The music was grungier. The Marky Marks were Markier. You had to choose between your phone and the Internet. And the ponytails were occasionally sideways.

Well, if you somehow missed the decade due to an interference in the time-space continuum — or you just happen to be really young — we've assembled 15 movie clips that best represent what life, or at least movies, were like during that glorious decade. A '90s time capsule, if you will. So sit back, relax and throw on your favorite starter jacket.

1. 'House Party' (1990) — Kid 'n Play Dance-Off

Way before film dance battles occurred in 3D thunderdomes and huge flattop cuts were throwbacks, Kid 'n Play were throwing down the on-screen dance gauntlet with some fly girls in "House Party," a movie that knew enough to not let a plot get in the way of fun and
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