Greatest TV Finales: The Shield ‘Family Meeting’ brings the Strike Team to “justice”

The Shield, “Family Meeting

Written by Shawn Ryan

Directed by Clark Johnson

Original airdate November 25, 2008

For seven seasons The Shield displayed some of the most vile people doing increasingly desperate things. As fascinating as it all was there was an understanding, even from the pilot, things just weren’t going to end well for the majority of the characters involved.

From the very beginning Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis) was far from a good man: we’d watched him kill a fellow officer, set up a massive robbery, lie and manipulate Strike Team members who trusted him, and countless other crimes that were horrifying and unimaginable.

The final season of The Shield saw Vic scrambling to hang onto the very fragile world he’d created as old lies come to light. His ex-wife Corrine (Cathy Cahlin Ryan) has learned of his crimes and agrees to work with Dutch (Jay Karnes) and
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