Dragon Ball Z Season 9 DVD Review

Creator: Akira Toriyama

Starring: Masako Nozawa, Sean Schemmel, Daisuke Gouri, Stephanie Nadolny, Naoko Watanabe, Eric Vale, Miki Itou, Christopher R. Sabat, Ryo Horikawa, Dameon Clarke, Takeshi Kusao, Kyle Hebert, Toshio Furukawa, Sonny Strait, Jeremy Inman, Chuck Huber, Mike McFarland, Tiffany Volmer, Cynthia Cranz,

Running Time: 625 minutes

Certificate: PG

It’s been a long and winding road for the characters of Dragon Ball Z, but this is the final season. Dragon Ball Z is a show that I first approached with resistance, unwilling to accept that 5+ hour long fights could be anything but repetitive and dull. But it has gradually become more hospitable, if only for the fact that the show is demonstrably addictive. Set aside the fact that reviewing anime is one of the things I do for the site, this show would have sunk its claws into me and refused to let go no matter what. This final season
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