Jackie Chan “Stunts Are Still A Piece Of Cake”

Jackie Chan has been performing stunts most of his career, starting off doubling for other actors in movies such as Fist Of Fury, 40+ years later, he is now 59 and still performing dangerous stunts and he says he still wants to perform them.

“I almost died so many times,” Chan says. “Each day, my body tells me I’m very, very lucky.

“I have scars on my legs and arms. So many broken bones. I fractured my scalp making a movie.”

This came has his latest movie “Chinese Zodiac” hits American cinemas this weekend, the movie has had some good and bad reviews, to me, the movie wasn’t the best but the fights and stunts were a great watch. Can you name anyone else at nearly the age of 60, who can still perform at the level of Jackie Chan? i very much doubt it.

“All the time, I say to myself,
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