London Korean Film Festival ’13 Review: Pluto (2012)

(Screened at the 2013 London Korean Film Festival.) “Pluto” is a grim Korean indie dealing with elitism, bullying and murder amongst high school students, directed by Shin Su Won (“Passerby #3”). Revolving around a ruthless clique of rich, fiercely competitive classmates who manipulate the school for their own benefit, the film stars David Lee (“Poetry”) as a new student desperate to join their circle, who gets slowly but surely pushed over the edge for his trouble. The film went down very well with critics, playing to acclaim at a variety of festivals including Busan, Berlin and Edinburgh, and has been picked up for release in the UK by Third Window. The film opens with David Lee as June, a student at a top boarding school being arrested for the murder of classmate Yoon Jin (Sung Joon, “Gu Family Book”), whose body is found in a nearby forest. Released by the police after questioning,
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