Baby Blues (Bejbi blues) | AFI Fest Review - AFI Fest 2013

A scathing portrait of the selfishness and naiveté of teenage pregnancy in modern Poland, Katarzyna Roslaniec's Baby Blues is centered around an overtly image-conscious, 17-year-old girl named Natalia (Magdelena Berus). It is not motherly inclination or guilt that drives Natalia to keep her infant, she just seems to be attracted to the concept of toting around a little tyke. Perhaps it is Natalia's half-hearted attempt to keep Kuba (Nikodem Rozbicki), the baby daddy, around; but the perpetual stoner is way too distracted by skateboarding and video games to care about fatherhood. Teenage pregnancy may also be a genetic or learned behavior, since Natalia's mother is so close in age to Natalia that they could be siblings. That is probably why Natalia's mother prefers to leave Poland rather than stick around to help Natalia raise an infant.
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