What Is Your Favorite Christmas Movie That No One Else Loves?

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This weekend I finally got to introduce my family to Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas. It was such a special moment that I had to share the news on Facebook. It got many likes. People love that little Jim Henson film. Someday I'll try to do the same thing with Santa Claus: The Movie. It won't be nearly as enjoyed. It won't receive any Facebook likes. Nobody, and I mean nobody, loves that almost forgotten box office bomb. Except me. I know it's not very good, and my love for it is basic nostalgia for that time of my youth when I liked a number of movies that were very unpopular (others from the era being Howard the Duck, Supergirl -- from the same director as Santa Claus, Jeannot Szwarc -- and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen) that today I accept as merely...

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