Who was the worst troll of 2013?

Heard something inflammatory and outrageous this year? Odds are one of this lot said it. So in a head head-to-head contest, who's the most horrible troll of them all?

Don't feed the trolls. That's rule number one of the internet. When you're confronted with someone who enjoys deliberately making unnecessarily inflammatory statements, the best course of action is to deny them the emotional response they crave. Everyone knows that.

But, oh, it's hard. Especially when, as this year has proved, some people can actually make a pretty good living from being a troll. We've picked eight of the most recognisable – some politicians, some entertainers, some only known for how unremittingly awful they are – and pitted them against each other to find our Troll of the Year. So, yes, we're feeding the trolls. But at least we're feeding them to each other.

The contenders

Richard Dawkins Evolutionary biologist, 72. Favoured targets: Christians,
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